Luiz Felipe Botelho Paes Barreto

Playwright, MFA in Performing Arts (UFBA), BA in Architecture (UFPE), actor (CFA / UFPE), screenplay writer, screen and stage director. He works at Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (Fundaj / MEC) where he both directs and writes screenplays for television series and educational television documentaries. He has written a total of 30 plays – 26 of them have already been staged, 5 have been awarded, and 6 have been published. He has created and coordinated two study groups focused on the exchange that comes through dramaturgy among theater, cinema and videos (Projeto TelaTeatro / Fundaj – 2009/2012), thus researching the use of these languages and producing artworks on various media.


Renan Bleastè

Graduated in Stage Acting at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Renan Bleastè expands into all sort of creative works towards artistic challenge. Born in Porto Alegre, resident of São Paulo, he performs in both screen and stage, writes, coaches, directs, produces, photographs, edits, and even sings in a rock band. He has worked for professionals such as Laís Bodanzky, Juan Pablo Pires, Stephano Poda, Iacov Hillel, João Pimenta, Aloísio Araújo and Yghor Boy.

Lighting Designer

Carol Zimmer

Lighting Designer, Producer and Technical Director, she also works with films as Director of Photography and Producer. Graduated in Performing Arts at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Post-Graduated in Cinema at UNISINOS and also in Lighting Design at IPOG. LD referenced works include O Linguiceiro da Rua do Arvoredo, Breves Entrevistas com Homens Hediondos, Wonderland e o que M. Jacksom encontrou por lá and also music shows performed by Nei Lisboa, Apanhador Só, Gisele de Santi, and Marcelo Delacroix.